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Your Bachelorette Party Checklist

The last thin anyone wants to do after planning a wedding is to plan the bachelorette party as well.  Thankfully, that is what friends are for.  While the bride to be spends months planning the special day, you can help plan an event that will make your friend relax and distress before the wedding.  However, just like a wedding, bachelorette parties require a bit of pre-planning, especially if you are going to incorporate a fun activity into the mix.  Lets take a look at things you should plan 3 months, 1 month, 1 week, and 1 day in advance

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3 Months in Advance

The most important thing to do at this time is begin planning the bachelorette party.  Ask the bride to be what she might like to do, and consider who may want to be invited.  Send out a “save the date” to those who may be interested in joining.

1 Month in Advance

The most important thing to do a month out is to send out all the invitations to people who you want to come.  It doesn’t matter how the invitations are sent, as long as they reach their intended targets and people have a way to respond back.  In addition, the price of the bachelorette party per person should be named at this point so that people have some idea what they are getting themselves into.

In addition, create the itinerary and list of activities that you will be doing.  Begin making reservations, as many of these will have to be made well in advance of the date.  Divide up any todos among those who will be coming to help make the process easier.

1 Week in Advance

This is a good time to confirm everything that you have made reservations for.  In addition, all party accessories should be purchased around this time so that you are not running around at the last minute.  Have any games planned, as well as useful information that may be required, like how to make some specialty drinks.

1 Day in Advance

Sleep is very important.  The more sleep you can get the night before, the quicker you will be in reacting to problems if and when they arise.  In addition, be sure to confirm all reservations, as well as making sure the bride to be knows everything she will need to know for the day.  Finally, it never hurts to remind everyone invited one last time when and where the meeting time will be.

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