Got a few questions?

Have a read through our topless waiters FAQ

What do the TWM topless waiters do?

The Lads will serve your food and drinks, get involved in your party and hens games and mingle with the guests. Our waiters are not strippers and do not have choreographed routines so if your looking for something a little more raunchy then check out our stripper page.

What do the boys wear??

The topless waiters wear black pants, black shoes, and a bow tie upon request.

Can they run/host hens games?

Our guys are more then happy to host hens games. Some of the guys will know a few games but we always suggest you pre plan hens games. Do some research online as theirs lots of great ideas you can find.

Can the TWM waiters make cocktails?

The lads are more than happy to make cocktails, but we would request that you provide instructions and ingredients for the cocktails you would like made up.

What is the minimum time for a shirtless waiter??

Our minimum is 2 hours, you can have less time but it is still the same rate as 2 hours.

 Is it cheaper if I hire more than one topless bartender?

Yes, Contact us for rates.

Can my barmen strip too?

Some of our male strippers, will take topless jobs early in the evening and then strip at the end. But most of the male strippers will not take topless jobs after 7:00.

Do I get a choice of which guy I get??

Yes we will always try to organise the waiter of your choice. Just let us know which topless waiters you would prefer. Of course, we cannot always guarantee that they will be available, but we will always check to see if the guys you are after are free. Once you get in touch we will send you the Available guys for that date.

What kind of events do your we cater for??

Our topless waiters are generally at hen’s nights. But we are also popular for birthday’s, ladies nights or divorce parties. We also do corporate events, fundraisers, awards nights.

Can I take photos with my shirtless barkeep?

Yes you certainly can,

Do our waiters come to you?

Yes. We provide a mobile topless waiter service. We can also travel to regional areas for an additional cost.

What are body shots?

Body shots are when your waiter lays down and the girls drink shots off their bodies.

Can we provide a venue?

Yes we can, we are associated with some venues in melbourne.

How can I make a booking for with TWM?

Booking inquiries can be made by e-mail or phone. E-mail us with your event details and we will make package to suit your needs. The more information you provide us the faster and easier it will be to lock in your bartender.

Please let us know:

  • Time:
  • Date:
  • Location:
  • How many hours:
  • How many Waiters or Strippers
  • Your contact details:
  • Type of event:
  • and any other relevant information regarding the booking.